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When do the tours take place?
Daily! Custom tours are available with as little as 24 hours’ notice. However, a 72 hour notice ensures the most valuable experience.
Does Real Delta Tours provide different tour packages?
Yes, we provide customizable tours to fit your specific requests. If a group wanted to book a small tour (1 to 6 people), medium tour (12 to 15 people), or a large tour (40-50 people), Real Delta Tours can help to organize a trip within 72 hours of communication. The cost will be based upon a per-person rate or a group price. Please contact a sales representative at 662-336-5865 (call or text) or to discuss your plans.
What is the cost structure?
The cost structure is based off start and end locations, how many hours, and staff necessary to accommodate.  For example, a two-hour tour of Clarksdale would be $45 per person. However, that is where our building is therefore it is easy to accommodate. If we started the tour somewhere else, the price would be moderately higher. For example, the same tour of Cleveland would be $65. Also, if your group is providing the transportation, the price will vary as well.
In conclusion, each tour is usually priced on a case by case basis. For more information, please email us at or call/text 662-336-5865.
Are there any group discounts available?
A 15% discount is available for groups of six or more that have registered at least 4 weeks in advance. Other trips are subject to the prices stated at the time of booking with the sales representative.
What is the cancellation policy? Would I be able to reschedule if an emergency arises?
In the case of an emergency, payment can be used towards a future trip. However, there are no refunds once a trip is booked.
Can the Real Delta book the hotel for me as a part of a package?
Yes, and we would prefer it that way. For those individuals who book the full package (Real Delta trip and hotel), there will be a special Mississippi Delta surprise for you. So book your trip early!
Do you provide tours throughout the year or only during the summer?
Although we recommend you visit in the summer, year-round trips are always available to destinations all over the Mississippi Delta. Just give us a call to tailor a trip just for you and your group.


Can you provide a tour outside of the six counties you previously mentioned?
Yes, we customize tours to fit customer specific interests. If that means going to other parts of the Mississippi Delta or even parts of the Arkansas or Tennessee Delta, we can accommodate!!!
Can I bring my camera?
Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your camera so that you can Tweet and Facebook each and every stop to friends and family. We want you to make this a memorable experience by capturing every moment.

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